Cover Story 2
  • Author:amyprosser

Cover Story

‘Cover Story’ Louise is gregarious. Louise is popular. Louise believed in happy ever after. Paul is a loner. Paul is odd. Paul was the last person to see her alive. Interviewed by the police on suspicion of murder and hounded by the press, Paul’s life is never the same again – but did he do it?
Retrace his steps in this fascinating piece as Pilots Thumb once again explore a universal social issue at a personal level.

A gritty drama which dissects the media’s role in society and penetrates the relationship of two engaging characters, Paul and Louise. A relationship that always has us on edge. The suspense is amplified when Paul is charged with a terrible crime. Meticulous production and powerful acting So – did he do it or not? Still haven’t made my mind up.
Barnstaple Theatre Fest