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Playing with Daisy

Playing with Daisy, by Eleanor Fossey.

A two hander exploring the themes of love, loss and friendship that can never die! Can Daisy ever forgive Esther for forgetting about her? Will Esther truly believe it is her and why is she here again after all these years apart? How do the friends overcome all that has been and gone between them? And is it true that time really does heal wounds even deathly ones? (Available for production.)

Pilot’s Thumb, a year-old company founded by Beth Scott Hewlett and Cassie Williamson, presented Playing with Daisy, by Eleanor Fossey, it is a taut, funny and dark two-hander about the use and abuse of an imaginary friend in childhood and then, suddenly, as an adult. Two women meet on a park bench: Esther (played by Williamson) is fragile and talking to herself; Daisy (Hewlett) is oddly intense and overfamiliar. They are soon sharing childhood nostalgia, and you realise that Daisy is the imaginary friend from hell. Seeking revenge…
The power struggle between the women – or, more accurately, within Esther’s mind – is acutely observed and beautifully played as they regress into childhood scenes and behaviours, nipping back to the present to reveal just how troubled Esther really is. This is tense and bleak, but instantly credible and a compelling watch.
Williamson and Hewlett are talented actors who can ably handle both comedy and the bleakest notes.
Guardian Review